We enjoy invention! We will come up with a simple and effective solution to your problem. whether it is more advanced production or just an improvement of the working environment.

What we can help you with

  • The solution to your problem
  • Design with emphasis on LEAN
  • Single-purpose device with a focus on ergonomics
  • Automated lines
  • Handling equipment (conveyors, racks, manipulator)
  • SMED equipment
  • Poka-Yoke
  • Assembly equipment, Operators’ workplaces
  • Assembly and testing at an agreed location
  • We cooperate with skilled companies so that the result is complete

What we have already successfully passed

  • Cooperation of a well-known companies  in the manufacture of robotic lines
  • parts of lines for the pharmaceutical industry
  • welding templates for the food industry
  • Handling equipment for plastics production
  • Slope and movable shelves made of bosch or tubular profiles
  • fixtures
  • Control jigs
  • Cell workplaces – modifications
  • Metalizing Jigs – modification, production of new positions

We have experience